ZB2L3 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Tester

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  • Operating Current: less than 70mA.
  • Discharge voltage: 1.00V-15.00V 0.01V resolution.
  • Termination voltage range: 0.5-11.0V.
  • Supported by current: 3.000A 0.001A resolution.
  • Maximum voltage measurement error: 1% + 0.02V.
  • Maximum current measurement error: 1.5% + – 0.008A.
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  • ZB2L3 Battery Capacity Tester External Load Discharge Type Module for 18650 Battery
  • Power supply voltage: DC 4.5 – 6V
  • Operating current: Less than 70mA
  • Discharge voltage: 1.00V – 15.00V, 0.01V resolution


  • Power supply voltage: DC 4.5 – 6V (micro USB connector)
  • Operating current: Less than 70mA
  • Discharge voltage: 1.00V – 15.00V, 0.01V resolution
  • Termination voltage range: 0.5 – 11.0V
  • Supported current: Maximum 3.000A, 0.001A resolution
  • Maximum voltage measurement error: 1% + 0.02V
  • Maximum current measurement error: 1.5% ± 0.008A
  • Maximum battery capacity range: 9999Ah (1Ah = 1000mAh) greater value is switched by shifting the decimal point, when it is less than 10Ah will display X.XXX, up to 10Ah or more will display XX.XX, and so on.
  • Board size: 50 x 37mm
  • Finished size: 50 x 37 x 17mm (L x W x H maximum position size, contains copper foot height)
  • Board net weight: 28g (including pillars)
  • Resistor weight: about 50g (including cable)
  • Note:In order to improve the voltage measurement accuracy, this circuit is specially designed with DC offset. When the terminal is not connected, it will display a small voltage, which does not affect the actual measurement. If you short the input terminal (this must be 0V) It will display 0. If you want to understand the principle, you can check the superposition theorem in electrical engineering.

How to use

  • The test battery should be fully charged.
  • Connect the battery positive to positive input, negative input to the negative, can not be reversed (with load reversal may damage the circuit). Load connected to the positive output and negative output, power on the tester with micro USB power supply (not available desktop or laptop USB powered), then the battery voltage display.
  • Direct start test only need to press the “OK” button, the tester can automatically make an appropriate termination voltage according to the battery full charge voltage, and will start flashing three times to enter the test. If you need to manual set termination voltage, only need to pressing “+” or “-” buttons to modify under battery voltage display state, the termination voltage display beginning with P, behinds means voltage value, voltage resolution 0.1V, after setting up pressing the “OK ” button to start testing.
  • After the start of the test, the tester will turn on the control load of the electronic switch, the test data will rotation display between release capacity (Ah), current discharge current (A) and battery voltage (V). When the battery voltage reaches the setting termination voltage, load control switches off the tester, data stays in capacity (Ah) and the corresponding indicator flashes quickly together, at this time the display is the actual capacity of the discharge capacity of the battery, press “OK” button to stop flashing allows stable data display, press again “OK” button to return to the power-on state, now you can replace the battery to test the next section.

Error codes and their meanings

  • Err1: Battery voltage is above 15V
  • Err2: Battery voltage is lower than the termination voltage
  • Err3: Battery can not afford to load discharge current or the circuit resistance is too high
  • Err4: Over current (current exceeds 3.1A)

Package Included

  • ZB2L3 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Tester – 1 PC
Weight 0.05 kg


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3 reviews

3 reviews for ZB2L3 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Tester

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  1. Bhaswar Tayal (verified owner)

    Easy assembly, directions were very easy to follow. Download light burn and easy to setup. Tested it out and did my Sasquatch for my cutting boards.

  2. Bhavani Srivastav (verified owner)

    Very nice machine. With Lightburn very easy to work with it.

  3. Chandrabha Gupta (verified owner)

    This machine is the best I’ve ever seen, great quality, beautiful packaging, top notch engraving and cutting, thanks MechBlock!

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