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We have the industry’s top motion algorithm engineers, and have developed a number of global industry-leading laser engraving machine products, including the world’s first in the industry to achieve the laser auto-focus function, the world’s first in the industry to achieve automatic sinking cutting technology


IKIER K1 Pro : 24W Laser Engraving Machine Cutting Master


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104,999.00 Incl GST (88,982.20 +18%GST)
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SKU: K1Pro24W

IKIER 1064nm 20W Fiber Laser Module for K1 Series Machines


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156,990.00 Incl GST (133,042.37 +18%GST)

IKIER R1 Multi-function Rotary Chuck for Laser Engraver


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24,990.00 Incl GST (21,177.97 +18%GST)

IKier K1 Pro Max: 48W/24W Laser Power Switching Cutter And Engraver


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249,990.00 Incl GST (211,855.93 +18%GST)
SKU: K1ProMax-48W/24W

IKier K1 Ultra : 36W Flagship Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine


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199,990.00 Incl GST (169,483.05 +18%GST)
SKU: K1Ultra-36W

IKier K1 : 12W Higher Accuracy Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


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99,990.00 Incl GST (84,737.29 +18%GST)
SKU: K1-12W