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SCULPFUN S30 Ultra-11W Laser Engraving
SCULPFUN S30 Ultra-22W Laser Engraving Machine 99,990.00 Incl GST (84,737.29 +18%GST)

SCULPFUN S30 Ultra-33W Laser Engraving Machine

(9 customer reviews)

127,990.00 Incl GST (108,466.10 +18%GST)

Auto air-assisted, the SCULPFUN S30 Ultra 33W laser engraver sports a giant engraving size of 600*600m. Coupling an upgraded linear guide rail with a 33W laser module, the S30 Ultra allows you to cut 20mm balsa wood and 15mm plywood separately in one pass.

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  • 600x600mm engraving area: the real engraving area is 600x600mm, which makes many of your works not limited by the area, and you can produce most of the large-scale cutting works. In addition, the 600x600mm area is very sufficient, and the service life is extremely long, and there is almost no need to upgrade the structure in future use.
  • Enhanced 11W, 22W, 33W three laser options: S30 Ultra series laser uses a single enhanced 6W diode, which makes its actual laser power and cutting ability higher, and provides 11W/22W/33W three through combined design laser options.
  • Professional safety design: S30 Ultra series is equipped with emergency stop switch and safety child lock. In an emergency, tapping the emergency stop switch can stop the machine; after pulling out the key, the machine cannot be turned on, which can prevent children from turning it on by mistake.
  • One series One structure, easy to upgrade: S30 Ultra series models keep high compatibility in design, S30 Ultra 11W/22W/33W power adapter, structure, and laser cable are all the same. In future upgrades, 11W- 22W-33W you only need to replace the laser head without any other changes.
  • Tool box, laser repair box, fixed-focus column holder: S30 Ultra provides professional tool storage boxes and maintenance tool boxes, including mechanical wrenches, tweezers, nozzle cleaners, etc., all of which are conveniently stored in boxes. In addition, a professional fixed-focus column storage box is provided on the machine, which is convenient for storing the fixed-focus column.
  • Enhanced 42-bit stepping motor: Enhanced 42-bit stepping motor provides sufficient power to make the machine move at high speed. The torque reaches 4.2 Kg·cm (ordinary machines are 3.1 Kg·cm). In future upgrades, even if the laser or the load becomes heavier, there is no need to replace the motor.
  • Replaceable protective lens: S30 Ultra series laser adopts innovative replaceable lens, which greatly improves the service life of the laser, which is more than 10 times longer than other general lasers. When the lens is damaged or after long-term use, the lens can be replaced to restore its cutting power. One free lens is included in the package with purchase, lenses are very cheap and can be easily purchased from SCULPFUN.
  • Built-in high-pressure air-assisted nozzle: S30 Ultra series is equipped with advanced high-pressure air-assisted metal nozzle, which can generate high-pressure airflow under the air pump, greatly improving cutting efficiency, and the cutting speed is more than 5 times faster than that without air assist. The powerful airflow blows away the residue, making the cutting surface very clean.


  • Upgraded 32-bit air-assisted motherboard: the latest 32-bit motherboard supports automatic air-assisted control function, supports wireless Bluetooth connection to control the machine, and is not limited by the distance of the USB cable.



Tech Specs:

Laser Information:

  • Diode laser Optical power : 33W
  • Laser focus : 0.08×0.10mm
  • Laser wavelength : 455±5nm
  • Focusing method : fixed focus column + sliding device
  • Laser protection cover : Equipped with a detachable
    laser protection cover

Machine Information:

  • Engraving accuracy : 0.005mm
  • Engraving area size : standard version is 600x600mm
  • Machine electric power : about 156W

Air pump:

  • Type : Ainboard-controlled air pump, voltage 24V, flow 30L/min
  • Air hose inner diameter : 7.5mm


  • 32-bit air-assisted motherboard, supports Bluetooth wireless connection.

Engraving/cutting materials:

  • Carving materials: all kinds of wood (including walnut, cherry wood and other high-density wood), MDF, stone, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel, ceramics, dark stone Cutting materials: all kinds of wood (including walnut, cherry wood and other high-density wood), MDF, acrylic board, cardboard, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather, some plastic boards, PCB boards

Power supply:

  • Power Input : 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ Output:24V 7A
  • Packing weight : 9.9kg
  • Packing size : 865*247*235mm
  • Certification : CE FCC RoHS FDA ICE certification

Detailed Diagram:

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Packing list:

1× S30 Ultra-33W laser
1× laser shield
1× Laser Repair Kit
1×24V automatic air pump
2×460*230*3mm wood board
2×460*230 protective aluminum plate
2×limit switch
1×24V 7A power adapter
1 x power cord
1×USB cable
1× rubber air hose
1× tool box
1× laser goggles
Step 1-6 installation package
1× instruction manual
1× X-axis assembly
2 x X-profiles
2 x Y profile
1×control box assembly
3×support feet
1x cable clamp bag
1x fixed focus column mount
1x spare screw pack
1x Non-slip seat Pack


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 86.5 × 24.7 × 23.5 cm


HSN Code

Optical Power

Laser Spot Size(mm)

Working Area(mm)

Electrical Power

SD Card Support


Offline Control / Touch Screen

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9 reviews

9 reviews for SCULPFUN S30 Ultra-33W Laser Engraving Machine

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  1. Lakshmi devi (verified owner)

    Been using a lot of items, this one is obviously the best

  2. Ramachandra Mehta (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for this amazing creation! Absolutely mind-blowing!

  3. Kaivalya Pandey (verified owner)

    I am a beginner and this laser engraver is equipped with everything I need. I USED GBRL SOFTWARE WITH A MAC SYSTEM AND THE CONNECTION WAS EASY. When cutting wooden blocks, I find it as easy as carving planks. And the effect is not bad, it is a good laser machine.

  4. Lokesh Pandey (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and perfectly packaged. The laser machine is of high quality, operated according to the instructions, even beginners can master it quickly, everything is as described, it is great.

  5. Aanandini Rawat (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the engraving machine, I am a beginner and would like to familiarize myself with this equipment. It definitely fits the purpose. Looking forward to the effect!

  6. Romik Mallhotra (verified owner)

    Perfect machine, well packaged, great engraving and cutting, worth buying!

  7. Ramesa bhai (verified owner)

    Easy assembly, directions were very easy to follow. Download light burn and easy to setup. Tested it out and did my Sasquatch for my cutting boards.

  8. Rukmini Anand (verified owner)

    Equipped with detailed assembly instructions, making assembly very easy to complete in 30 minutes. This laser machine is also suitable for inexperienced users. I am very satisfied!

  9. Md Noor Alam (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, arrived quicker than I thought, everything in perfect condition, no damage and complete with accessories. I have tested the machine and everything works fine. This machine is really nice, I love it. I will recommend it to my friends!

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