2040 Black End Cap for 2040 V-Slot
2040 Black End Cap for 2040 V-Slot 120.00 Incl GST (101.69 +18%GST)
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Durable and practical Four flute design provides small chip loads and quicker removal Application material : wood, plastic, aluminum plate etc. Suitable for DIY, home, general building, and engineering using
10Pcs HSS 4 Flute Milling Cutter 2-10mm End Mill Tool Set 2,199.00 Incl GST (1,863.56 +18%GST)

Titanium Coated PCB Milling Cutter 10Pcs

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  • Carbide precision machined from bars of high-precision equipment, selection of high-quality ultrafine particles. Has good milling and cutting performance, ensuring the high efficiency of the work.
  • Sufficient bending strength and wear resistance, slot milling, hole, and the edge of the board, the surface is clean, and neat, with no glitches.
  • High strength, resistance to bending, breakage resistance, and excellent physical properties, and long tool life.
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